Vaping Dog e liquids set to be an international brand

Over the past few years, we have been selling Vaping Dog in Ireland and the UK. It can be bought in lots of vaping shops throughout Ireland and the UK and is now been exported throughout the world.

One of the keys to its success attached to this brand is the fact that we have an analytical chemist in our company who started the brand and knows e-liquids very well indeed. The quality of Vaping Dog has been noted by all serious vaping distributors throughout the world; it is up there on top, worldwide, for quality!

Our founder, Stanley O’Hora, who is an analytical chemist, said “It would be hard to find an e liquid that would beat Vaping Dog for quality”, he went on to say; “Only the finest ingredients, that are fully traceable, go into the making of this e-juice”. Customers of the brand will agree with this statement, as it so smooth that it cannot be faulted.

Over the next year, it is expected that Vaping Dog e-liquids will be sold in over 20 countries throughout the world, making it a truly international success. Wholesale distributors from all around the world have expressed an interest in stocking the e liquid, so you can expect it to be available from most established distributors very soon!

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